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LOS ANGELES!!! - VISIT IN HOLLYWOOD...? 2010 and 2012!!

I show you now (just) the Hollywood Boulevard ...
This is a video from 2010, my first time in L.A. - in the Hollywood Hills, with Jonathan Slater - you can hear & see him, my great guide in L.A. - also this year he showed me streets, corners, areas in L.A.! I changed my mind now: I like L.A. - especially the architecture of the houses!! Rich people have amazing beautiful houses, I wish I had one like that... I show you in the next blog some of them...
Well, I would never see all in one as a newcomer so fast :-) - amazing, he knows pretty lot about L.A.! You can envy me, I had such a guide!

Here with his girlfriend and me.......girls in pink want to buy the small house posed in the trees of the Hollywood Hills!!!
I THANK HIM FOR taking time for me and guiding me through Los Angeles!!!  

And this is a typical Hollywood poster, what you MUST VISIT! Let´s go!!
This is everywhere... Behind me the Capitol Records, is major American record label, a wholly owned by EMI.
 And famous The PANTAGES (movie) theater in Art Deco style, opened 1930.... upon the time very famous!! Now thanks to the interesting historical decoration / architecture The Pantages Theatre is also a popular location for the filming of movies, TV shows, and music videos.  
STARS!! LIKE ....here...
 Just round around are streets with the stars... on the Earth...

 SATURDAY NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD!! With a singer Pray Harper... at the big pool party at the famous Roosevelt Hotel!! Yeah, we rock!!

 And this is Hollywood Blvd. - one long famous street... I compare it like the Charles Bridge in Prague!! Full of people & kitch & simple attractions!!! There you can earn money like a robot, like a vampir, like ... well, everything counts there!! 

 And what a poor Hotel Mark Twain!! In comparison to the Roosevelt Hotel, this seems like a very shaby hotel, called unlikely Mark Twain... what a shame!!

And other poor hotel, this is also near to the Hollywood Boulevard, so not everything is fancy!! 
And a Post Office!! How important for me still though the internet prevails... Well, It took me a while to identify in the USA any post office, it is almost invisible any post everywhere...blue fade calour... not like in Germany BIG letters and yellow color; I had always really a trouble to find a post... And voilà now I had to take this picture! This post office, huge building cannot be ignored by anybody!!

In the L.A. subway - very clean subway!! So clean in contrary to New York Subway: see my poetry video from NYC subway:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiDd2adGIIU! Here is the entrance into the Hollywood Boullevard: you can see a camera! 

Almost empty on sunday... yes people in L.A. move (almost live) in the cars... so far, subway is a good option to come among people... and safe
AND almost everywhere in the streets were shooting some comercial film... and how interesting it was... almost all teams needed a RAIN! Apparently the rain isn´t very common experience in L.A. so far, good to put it in the film... mostly comercial. 

CNN do we get always the truths on TV? 

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