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June 24th we, /see his homepage and me left Jeff´s House, it is like a home, with very kind people around, Jeff and Rebeka, the owner were there to help us, to leave safe and without worries NYC. More people were there with us. They were excited with us!! I was very excited, also a bit nervous... I haven´t so much experience on a motorbike, but I am a traveler. And as a child I loved it when my father took me to the Stara Paka´s Hill on his motorcycle, sitting in front of him... OK, now I am older but the child remains in me!!
 From Queens Village we headed through the rest of Queens, Bronx, passed the wonderful Washington bridge... and direction Pennsylvania! Topalante, the rider crossed the whole Europe, Russia till the South Korea, and then USA - from San Diego to New York City, from NYC to Key West.
He knows driving very well... I can rely on him, he can also on me, I don´t give up, even it is quite though to sit behind too... but it is also somehow a joy I want to share with him.

 We arrived to Pensylvania! William Penn came 1671 into the SILVANUS- in Latin: Forest and "founded" the countrx...! It is the state of independence - the state of Amish People -about them you can read on my blog here )in German) - Appalachian Mountains, Battle of Gettysburg, Pittsburg, beautiful lake areas...etcetera.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry.” J. Kerouac / ON THE ROAD ON A MOTORCYCLE IN THE USA - NOW!

OK, let´s go to be crazy!! What a blast!! I am going to travel on a motorbike!! 
Not alone! With Topalante.
 So I must correct Jack Kerouac and I say
“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be worried.”

 I am leaving New York City to travel with a great rider Topalante who already has an immense experience on riding, see his homepage: TOPALANTE.ES.
He crossed all Europe, Russia till South Korea and then USA. Incredible! So I am in good hands! I must trust him... NOW! What an amazing trip!! 
 We are looking forward to having fun, to seeing a lot of the USA!! We don´t go on the highways, we go on the small streets, to enjoy the countryside... we start in New York City and go to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Dakota etc... till Montana.  
We are going to cross the USA - the NORTH of the USA / MIDWEST together till Montana, then I will continue alone to California, and he to Alaska!
It is very exciting!!
Whew, to ride on the motorbike! I have no experience, just a small one. It is about power, indulgence and fun!! I should, I would like to write a new adventure book ON THE ROAD as Jack Kerouac.... what an inspiration!! I have already been on such a ride, two years ago... I was writing about in in Czech. You can still read it, it is online: by like here one link:

                                  And I do live as Jack Kerouac writes in his novel:
“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
                                                                     So let´s go!
 Follow us!
PS: Gap a travel with Topalante is all about adrenaline travel. Really exciting gap - yes - year project, travel  and awesome travel experiences are ahead of us, and I beg for the blessings on the way!
See more about me as a writer here other posts or here my web: and Topalante´s world journey


I was invited for the interview to the radio SLOVAKIA USA in New York City in Astoria!
With Elina and Marcel we had a great time, speaking slowak and czech on the radio was for me a wonderful adventure, like Radio Freedom speaking over the ocean... this radio you can also listen in Europe! Just try to listen - its all about Czech & Slovak songs, topics... usefull informations!
And soon Elina and me we are going to host together Elinas Program "Art in the Lights" - Literature Feature. I am going to read for you in Czech or in English my poetry, my short essays or comment about the culture and literature on our continents! How nice to share it!!
Soon on RADIO SLOVAKIA USA... so we are in the studio! Marcel build up this studio, his big passion! Well done, I am a bit jelaouse that we Czechs don´t have a radio too... but here we feel still almost connected as one culture! So far I was invited there, I hope listeners enjoyed it!  I love the media as the radio.... And now turn on and listen to my reading from my book: FERENC - in Czech / cesky:

And also listen to MY RADIO READING SHOW:
Or Frank Ferrante host the  LITERARY & CULTURAL TALKSHOW with me - we have just started: 

My broken glases!! New York City, June.

I broke my glases in New York during the party in HOSPODA - one year of the Czech/ US restaurant, was fun! This is almost a catastrophe in NYC! For me... my dear glases! Well, after reading about the dictators of the 20th century, it couldn´t happen else like that... I was shoked reading it! I loved that Czech Magazine, well done.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PART IV. GO WEST! COLORADO! My life in New York



Go west!", said Horace Greeley, when people asked him in New York where to go. I follow Horace Greeley' s words. But I don't leave the East as quickly as I would like. I leave the European space of the East. The East of Berlin. I still head for the East. Another East, east coast of the USA - New York with its wilderness and its dangers.  I take just one book with; the precious novel "Amerika" from Franz Kafka to be inspired. I follow Franz Kafka from Prague through Berlin and now to New York, isn't it fantastic? More than that - yes, it is. I am happy. Its my first stay in the USA. I booked my ticket in Berlin to Denver.I have some time to wait in New York to continue to Denver. But in fact I go to Greeley.
But let's visit New York now. I have three hours to spend there. I have exact two hours to go from the JFK airport to the downtown and back. I have approximately  30 minutes to spend in the downtown. Where ever I arrive in the downtown it will be fine. Its a great chance to see NY before going in the middle of the USA, to Greeley. I take the LIRR to be quickly in the downtown. I arrive at the Pen station. So far so good - I can see from the train the skyline of Manhattan. Manhattan its the best place to see it - New York. As well as in Berlin Brandeburger Tor and the 17. Juni Avenue or in Prague The Charles Bridge and Prague' s Castle, all in one; at one place. New York a great atmosphere, heavy traffic and hastily moving people. I am here!


I go out from the metro, and first what I can see is in the air proudly hanging the tower of the Empire States Building, wow! That' s it. And the second what I see, my eyes cannot believe it I stand directly at the Greeley Square. That' s really the destiny about Greeley! I take the picture. I have 20 minutes left... I walk to the Empire States Building, I look around and go already back to the Greeley Square... its the best time to go back to the airport not to miss my plane to Denver, sorry to Greeley! I land in Denver. I go to Greeley in the night. I cannot see anything. I am curious about the "famous" town Greeley.
I am going to visit Joe Lee Parker, who I got to know in Berlin, who lives with his very kind mother. And I visit my friend from my childhood Petra who lives in Breckenridge. But firstly I visit the family Parker and the town Greeley. I start there my first stay in the USA. Family Parker and Greeley.  My friends in Europe skype me and ask me where is it? Let's get to know the town in Northern Colorado. Misses Parker tells me some facts about Greeley. Let me tell you how I understand this part of Northern Colorado. Let' s read it with my European eyes and mind.
There is an important personality with whom everything started, his name is Horace Greeley. He was an American newspaper editor, a founder of the Liberal Republican Party, a reformer, and a politician. His New York Tribune was America's most influential newspaper from the 1840s to the 1870s. Mr. Meeker, the manager of Horace Greeley was sent by Horace Greeley to establish a new settlement which was called the Union Colony. The plan was to lay down a foundation of a colony and to make rules like in a paradise. People should live without a sin.  New people coming to Colorado where was just a prairie and the mountains were happy to find a place where to live.
I understand it. A nice idea. For me its not hard to understand what it means a paradise. I was born in Paradise, it calls Bohemian Paradise.  So I know how does it feel to settle down in a paradise and how people could be keen on that idea. What a wonderful deal! The world was made in paradise and of idealism! A paradise means place without a sin! What blessings in disguise!
Well, there is an idealism about the paradise at the beginning; that had people who moved to the paradise in Union Colony.

From the very beginning people caught the imagination of the Union Colony as a paradise. The Union was good and needed, it filled the empty place of huge Colorado country. They settled down, they worked hard. There was no time for a sin. After a while they needed to be taken off the problems, to have just a fun. The people missed some fun, just to spend a nice time laughing and celebrating. Nothing can go wrong if they have some fun! Not only working! What the people of the Union, mostly the men missed was their "first" sin which was the alcohol.
Did they get to the alcohol? Just opposite of the Union Colony settled another sort of people, sort of rowdies.  Rowdies laughed at them, they said they waste their life. They wanted to seduce people from the Union' s paradise to do a sin, well to drink the alcohol. These rowdies grounded their own paradise, called the Garden City and they organized the garden parties. Many dances and parties were held there. It flamed through the Colony. People from the paradise were envy and suffered by watching the garden's parties. Because there in Garden City people seemed to be luckier than the people of the Union Colony... They realized that they are not so happy as the rowdies look like. Well without a sin there is no happiness. So they used to go very often to the Garden City to drink. The Garden City was wild enough to suit everybody. But after a while they already realized they miss something more! It is a love... to make love with the women of the Colony! But in Colony' s paradise there was prohibited to do any sin... not even to make love there. What to do? Everybody suffered. They suffered again and again. The alcohol was not enough satisfying for them.
"If it goes up any further we will leave", they proclaimed.


After a long time of celebrations men couldn't commute, there wasn't much breath, they complained again. What a tiny, stratospheric ledge! Especially after the celebrations. everybody wanted to live up. There were the arguments against the rules of the Colony. They wanted to relieve the dreadful evil monotony of jingling glasses and clicking chips. Every species of deviltry can be called into existence at any moment. In the glare of endless rows of candles and kerosene lamps.. there was no real joy of life!


When suddenly one man came along with an interesting news, that there is about 20 miles a civilized land called Loveland. A better paradise! Just for a love and making a love to satisfy. What a good news! Most of them were happy to know about this part of country where people are allowed to make a love. Lots of them left Colony for Loveland. Better to live there than in a place without any sin. What a boring life! What a happiness with a sin. And the fame about the real paradise of Loveland spread quickly through Union Colony! Horace Greeley heard about it in New York and became fearful that the settlement, his own paradise could disappear when everybody moves to Loveland. He announced: "People, let's feel free and build town Greeley and do in the town all what you need and want. You need not to go to Garden City to have garden parties and drink only there the alcohol, let's have the bars in Greeley. And you need not to go to Loveland to have and make a love only there, let`s have fun center in Greeley. Let´s live the sins like we do it in New York! The paradise of Union Colony will be now named after me, the town Greeley! " And it happened as Horace Greeley allowed and ordered. It became the shopping center and transportation center and fun center with the bars. Greeley became a free minded city as the land of the USA wants to be. It kept spreading, and enjoying itself. "The people have to come to stay and build their town to last." Everything is true. It was true then; it is still true today. I imagine just a little bit. I travel through this part of country and visit Garden City and Loveland and remember my Bohemian Paradise. Even I also had to leave the Bohemian Paradise to see the world with all the sins we people share.

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PART III. CENTRAL PARK: My life in New York

My runnning hours in Central Park as a scenic adventure!

My wish always was to jog in the Central Park. Like Madonna, like all the Big Great People, like all the people they have power and put this power in the park back!! Yes, Central Park is really one big powerfull place!! I was sometimes feeling a shine of the power when I was also jogging in Berlin, in the parks like Friedrichshain or Humbolthain, but never such a great one. Just to walk there is a big joy, to be surrended by the joggers, or by the trees, from the perfectly manifacured lawns of that iconic Central park to the majestic trees of the Upper West Side´s Riverside Park. What a challenge to jog in the Central Park, I was always thinking! And NOW I could fullfill my DREAM! My WISH! I can jog there as often as I want. I stay in the Upper West Side, near to the Columbia University. How beautiful is here! On the one hand is  Central Park and on the other is Hudson river with its track also for runners!
Forget the treadmill of the big city, it seems to me that New York with its parks and the river was build for the runners! Absolutely! To live in NYC it means you must be either a strong person either a runner, someone who never stops, just for a short sleep! Every large or mid-sized park has a well-maintained jogging trail waiting for everyone just to run it!!

So almost no one be deprived of suburban greenery, just because in New York you live in an urban jungle!

In Central Park the best of the best is the 1,58-mile track that rings Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis- Reservoir (Main entrance East 90th Str at the Metropolitan Museum).
When I run, then I take a track through the MORNINGSIDE PARK, a sweet park, sometimes rubbish on the way, or some people live in the "jungle", at any case a nice loop just for relax! (West 112st). The Morningside Park for the morning picnic or reading newspaper...
And then I run directly into Central Park, up the hill with the bikers, runners, athletes on the asphalt street, along the green sidewalks for young and old ladies and men with cats and dogs, security patrols and other moving people. You can see, how EVERYONE enjoys the move!! People sing, read and walk alone or in groups around, everyone is in luck! Even theater fans can have fun with a free William Shakespeares Adaptions for the free-style-in park. New York Classic Theater (now I saw a production about 6 people) presents William Shakespeare´s Twelfth Nigh from May 31 till June 24th, in Battery Park too. Free to the public!! How nice. Almost always when I run there I meet a group of people watching them... I was also watching them for a while, the point is that they move - they don´t play on one place. Around are rocks, small lake, small "jungle" and plain terrain... so it is very vivid!! I like it.
Interesting is, as I found out, that almost all Shakespeare´s productions are for free to the public in New York! - Just in the different places. Nobody would go the theater like in Germany to listen / watch to the old English with the old manners and poetic, even so trully real in the end.
So far. This is Central Park, well just part of it, there are many parts for different activities, each year open for recreational activities... like winter skating at the Wollman Park, visiting the Zoo, watching many weddings outside or on the weddings parties, taking pictures, reading, dating, jogging, eating in the restaurants. Good to mention is also another man-made lake: Harlem Meer, nice nice. like a "Meer" / sea....
It is very refreshing to goin Central Park in every time, to hang out with other people, readers, and also Frisbee-players. I was invited by the warm-weather-picknickers, but never for grill-parties, this is in CP forbidden.
I love that green place with lakes, runners and all the lucky people being healthy and wealthy to be here! Over 20 milion people flock to the Central Park, I can read the statistics....
This city of steel and skyscraper is a city of spectacular parks, scenic views... we can always admire, as a city main spot!  I am happy to be a runner in that wondeful park!!
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You’ve heard it for years, accepted it as gospel even, that New York City is the center of the universe as far as culture, and music in particular, is concerned. Now more than ever, the New York City they’re talking about is Brooklyn. And they’re right: There’s no other place on earth that’s so immediately identified with the idea of “what’s next.” But who makes it that way? Well, the artists of course — the out-of-her-mind drummer - in the streets or in the subway, the gutsy documentary filmmaker - you see them talking & walking, the unorthodox painter - you smell and see their dress and authors, small publishers who think and write in the coffeeshops... You can see them everywhere! But it’s the bloggers too, the independent show promoters, the record label operators, the technological innovators, the gallerists, and all the other creative types who live here despite the exorbitant cost of living.
Taking place in the walkable radius of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Bushwick is a showcase of the work these people do behind the closed doors of rehearsal spaces, studios and makeshift home-offices, as well as glimpses from their contemporary creative communities around the world. Above all, it’s a celebration of these so-called dreamer types. Because they’re the reason I am here, at the center of the universe.

As I mentioned I didn´t know how famouse and popular Williamsburg is. I was wondering how well I feel there, it is not New York with Skyscrapers, it is an individual holistic very European landscape of an island Long Island, part called Brooklyn with the famous Brooklyn bridge.

In the next days I was just walking through Williamsburg, which is the most famous part of Brooklyn with the long Bedford Avenue.  I was like in love... and all the guys could feel it! I was just sitting in a coffeeshop, and every second started to speak with me, "where I am from?" I was like a bird, singing the song about European writer, artist... Berlin, Prague, almost everyone expressed some feelings to one of the cities... with some of them we met then again, by chance... actually it happened that I met some really twice, three times... and then they diappeared. Once - on saturday I expressed for me a wish, that I would like drive thorugh the whole Brooklyn on bike... And I was walking when I suddenly bumped into one of these bar-friends... I asked him immediatly, just still dreaming about the riding through Brooklyn, if he has two bikes and would like to show me a bit of that island... and he just said: YES! Yes, with pleasure! Whew! I was so happy, we met in one hour, I dropped by him, and we were riding... we stopped talking with his friends, he seemed to me to be very popular in the district, and we had fun, he showed me a lot around, and sure also the Brooklyn bridge! It is really a lovely bridge with the beautiful view on Manhattan!! Wow, it was great to drive there through on bike... we made a turn and we drove back... no Manhattan, this is too crowded!

When one goes with L-train to Manhattan and goes out there it is like coming from the country to the big city!! The difference is really big, still and I think it will remains!! This is great to have Brooklyn, calm, artisitic bohemian place in NYC!! I love to be there, even it is changing, there are more and more fancy shops, cultivated, not like many years before, but there won´t ever be the tall skyscrapers and so crowded streets, I suppose.
Beautiful design shops, charming small restaurants, not as big as dining halls in Manhattan, a lot of RETRO-shops, bookstores, record-store with old vinils, small swimming pool, old houses like that one:  almost crashed, not clean houses, it looks like in old parts of Amsterdam sometimes, low not high houses, some lofts spread fast...  at every corner you feel the joy of the human infinitive creation...
In Brooklyn was born & lived my absolute favorite writer: HENRY MILLER. And he lived not far from the Bedford Ave - a place I stayed, so far so good, I was close to him, literary.
Brooklyn means more than only Bedford Ave - Williamsburg and Williamsburg Bridge.
By the way a flat in Williamsburg, I mean one room and half costs like 1200-1500 dolars. So just dream about it or move in! I don´t know how they earn money for such an expensive flat! Here live mostly artists, students and sometimes you see some managers, but they still don´t fit here... it still feels great for creative people, not business people like in Manhattan. I say this is for me a part of my Middle Europe - like Berlin, like Prague, I walk here, here I return to my way of life, even over the Pacific ocean and with completly different people who think and feel different, this is what I love!!
Brooklyn is sweet, but it can be still also dangerous, is big enough, and not all parts of Brooklyn are popular or safe.
There are other districts like for example Bushwick, there should be the largest hub of Brooklyn's Hispanic-American community, now also very popular for artist, not so expensive like W-burg.
Also very popular Park Slope and Greenpoint, there in Greenpoint is the largest Polish community. I walked here through and everywhere only Polish people speaking Polish, this was strange! Shops with the Polish aestetisc like I know from Poland. People - immigrants don´t want to loose their identity here, and they needn´t this is the freedom, well, there are other restrictions.
And Coney Island & Brighton Beach is already full of Russian and Ukranian people. Many shops are designed like in Russia, food, drinks, fishes... everything like in Russia. And the ocean here isn´t for free! You must pay the beach-entrance: 12 dolars! So don´t go to Coney Island, go to Brighton Beach ( I hope it is a right advice... if not, tell me it...:-)) 

Prospect Park is a very nice public park created by the same person as the Central Park ( Calvert Vaux). The emphasis on the creation of parks is in NYC very important.
So far, Brooklyn is still my favorite place, even I lived then in Manhattan, I always went/come back to visit my favorites bookstores, New Yorker Muffin - there are made delicious baggels with avocado, cheese, vegetable etc for just 4 dolars! Todays I discovered a new lovely coffee shop, I would say the best coffee I have ever drunk in NYC: "Swedish expresso" also at the Bedford. And sometimes I meet faces I still know. There is a great street-bookseller, he has been selling book in the street for 20 years! His name is Luftmensch! We always meet by chance and I also got to know another bookseller in East Village who knew Luftmensch. Luftmensch and me met probably because we both can fly with our books! Luftmensch means - Airman. But the German word is sooo nice! This is what I love about the German language!
I describe Brooklyn just how I discovered it when I was here. There are many encounters I had with people twice or three times. - This seems to me to be very thrilling especialy in NYC. I will describe that phenomena in the next part. "Encounters by chance in NYC".

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NEWS from New York!
Me and the talkmaster Frank Ferrante start a NEW LITERARY & CULTURAL RADIO TALKSHOW - see the link: in New York!
Today we introduce each other and let´s talk about the culture of the continents!
TODAY! USA-Time at 3pm !! European time 9pm! Listen now or later, it will be online!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012




Two years ago I decided to go for the FIRST TIME to New York... well, a bit too late, but every human being has a proverb for every way and situation in its life, so I say... never too late... important is the action!
I was quite desperate by searching online a flat - from up Europe in NYC - I am used to say "a flat" but in NY I should say it proper - a room - online... I discovered the craigslist.. there were a lot of offers but nobody wanted someone without seeing him, or I should transfer a deposit of 300 dolars, and this was too insecure for me... well I didn´t know in NYC anybody!!
Nobody would believe me that I made it a few hours before flying to NYC! I don´t believe it now myself, how "easy going" I was... but yes sometimes I am... and I trust myself and our great God...
Well, I asked two days before departure my US-Friends - I just knew some American friends in Berlin, the Couchsurfing and I discovered a Czech-Slowak group in NYC by "Meet Up"..  Do you know "Meet Up"? - Very usefull in NYC!  
Well, I posted my search for a room...  my US friends posted for me on their FB-pages (my thanks to Michael, the tenor singer and Jean-Ronald!) ... I got a few feedbacks, offers immediatly, how nice I was soo delighted about the offers... but everything was for 1-2 nights - and I needed for 4 weeks!
But suddenly I got an answer from one Czech woman... I forgot unfortunately her name, and she wrote me about one great flat in Williamsburg, for 3 weeks! It seemed to be too perfect to be true, exactly what I needed, I wrote her, yes and called her, him...  I was very happy! So a few hours before the departure I called/talked with the guy, who was also still searching someone, he wanted 500 dolars, for me impossible, so he put it down on 350 dolars... this was a lucky number for me... and he was also ok with it! He was happy to have me, who cares about his cats and is clean, tidy...
I should share with him and other guy a flat for a few days and then he flew for another country... I didn´t know him his flatmate... I just knew that the Czech girl told me he is ok and friendly... he had just two cats in the flat so nobody wanted to share a life with his two cats, I supposed, I could, I love cats...   

 And when I arrived in the night to the Bedford Ave - WITHOUTH knowing HOW FAMOUS this district is ( I love to discover it en place.. And as I mentioned I didn´t have much time to do some online-discoveries... how nice it is to be SURPRISED positively!...)
 I went out from the L-Train (having trouble with my broken lagguage... already in Berlin - Lol - this happened...) and as I came up, saw the night in the 5th-6th Street at the Bedford Ave I disclaimed: I FEEL LIKE AT HOME!! Be honest, I have never said that - feeling like at home, never ever in some place ourside in the world! So it had for me a deep context - meaining! 
It was an amazing atmosphere there!! I loved that immediatly!! Clean, rationaonal, intelectual, inspirational, light and hidden sexy... in the night!!  
I stayed in Brooklyn, in Williamsburg - Bedfort Avenue - I was very fortunate to have the first possibility to stay and feel a life there! The guy was Ok, the other also... I was happy one!!

And when just relaxed... went down to the shop, just in the same house... A Czech drinks often beer, and in that moment I really wanted to drink a beer... searching some beer... What a SURPRISE ---- there among the beer bottles  was ONE - SPECIAL ONE - from MY HOME: from my hometown Nova Paka, well, Stara Paka, where is a very traditional brewery NOVA PAKA´S BEER!! one sort of beer calls: BROUCZECH! and THERE I SAW like never ever in the world, just in my hometown I was drinking BrouCZECH... I should drink it here, in the place I called my HOME.
below you can see how proud (Lol) is the BrouCZECH Brouczech means in fact: Little Beetle but written Brouček and the endling - ček we pronounce in the same way like English say CZECH, so here is the Czech humour acurate and makes it lovely for the Czech-Speakers!   
I realized the BrouCZECH is a premium Czech Beer deliver in the USA I was glad to find him there where I started my life in New York City!!