Thursday, June 13, 2013


After I was thinking about the NEW AGE... what comes after the end of the Maya's Calendar... I was feeling there will be a BIG change int he world...  LOVE must spread in our hearts... no more wars weapons, even ugly, fighting people must learn to keep peace without weapons!
Well, I was thinking... I must go there... to the peace of the nature. 
I went there where everything started: to the OCEAN.... and to the beautiful CARIBBEAN SEA! 

YUCATAN... is beautiful!! 

 Friendly to drive a boat! 

I took safe waste and go on the ocean!!

And now in Cancun... peaceful paradise of palms!


I am relaxing... meditating.

I am happy there in Merida!! 

This (sweet fat) woman sells a lot of sweets!!

TULUM *Mayas Monuments.. behind.

On the ocean... port!! Happy after the day... eating a delicious fish... fresh grilled! Hm...

Saturday, March 30, 2013


So I was thinking what comes in the Days after the End of the World?
For me was it a journey to a PARADISE!! 
I have never been in such a one. So happy to be there.
I will publish more pictures now, because I really love TULUM and Carribean Sea!!
Yucatan Peninsula.
I landed by bus after Cancun (which I don´t like so much...) in beautiful TULUM! 
Tulum is about 145 kilometers south of Cancun and the highway connecting both is well-paved. On the highway I stopped in Playa del Carmen I celebrated the christmas I was writing before this post.
I was invited to Tulum. I didn´t know what for a beauty expects me.
TULUM may be best-known for its ancient Mayan ruins, which attract a steady stream of day-trippers (ufff, a LOT!), cruise passengers and tour buses. Go and buy the ticket already at 8am, not to stay in a queu for hours, after all buses land.  Entrance to the park is $10, which also gives you access to a beach where you can swim beneath the ruins. Guided tours cost extra.
The complex of crumbling structures here is smaller and less impressive than some other Mayan sites like Chichen Itza (well, there is also overcrowded!), but its location atop seaside cliffs is one of the most scenic ruin sites on the Yucatan. The complex is surrounded by a wall (Tulum means wall) and was inhabited for centuries before Spanish colonialists arrived in the early 1500s.
I visited this place in December, it was just for me a perfect weather, not hot...
I couldn´t see here “cenotes,” which are water caves that are part of a network of rivers under the peninsula, but on the other places I traveled. Cenotes is an amazing water cave!! Just a must to see and swim in pure, so relaxing.

 TULUM is another Mayan place - there are more and less ruins, but in the amazing surrounding! The Even the Carribean Sea make this overcrowded place of the dramatically situated Maya ruin to a breathtaking place to rest and see the culture so near in one. It is a spectacular coastline – with its confectioner sugar sands, jade-green water, balmy breezes and bright sun – make it one of the top beaches in Mexico (I am sure!). Before I came here I visited almost empty BEAUTIFUL  Isla Holbox (north of Cancún). Oh. I was in paradise!! You must take a boat and after 30 mins you get in Bohemian vibe and natural beauty! It still doesn´t draw an eclectic crowd...  


See the video:

See here the video:

 With my Czech friend Dasa happy to have a humurous fellow!

See the video with the beautiful view:

Real men as Mayans... you want to feel the touch of history through this pleasant fake!
 A bike you can rent everywhere there; in hotel it is fro free... or you can rent for a day for 10 dollars.

 This is a habbit or "sport" of the habitants here... I forgot the name of this "sport", I am sorry!
 One of the sportlers asks for money... it is alright, but you just spent so much money at every coner!

The Riviera Maya on a shoestring with hotels and on the other side the sea.

 Tulum is luxury, but the luxury here is nature and the beach. Even a room costs $150. I had a great luck I slept in a hotel with my Czech friends, there had one place free and then in a house of a friend of my friend, who has there a big house. All was a fortune I am so thankful for. I could feel this unique luxury very near... 
I feel sooo good here!
I just feel like new born!!
A DREAMLAND is so near.... I am a sun-seeker to its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches...

There is one big drawback. And what about drinking & eating COCO??      

I was just like in heaven when I saw this beach, this natural hotels  - the mostly "hotels" are just for max. 8 people, there are made from natural materials, no beton or what we can see in the most see resorts over the world, or just in Cancun, the rabbits-houses for thousands tourists... here you are the unique traveler in an unique hotel. The beach is so soft and the ocean so warm and so blue... I have never seen such a natural ocean-beach-beauty! I was so happy being here, thankful to have this unique chance!!  

 forgo the luxury digs!

 I lent a bike... this was just a great chance to discover fast the surroundings!!
I love bike so I loved the discovery!!
 And enjoyed the fruits...served there always fresh!--- just here is a small fake... you know it, don´t you?


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