Monday, June 18, 2012

PART III. CENTRAL PARK: My life in New York

My runnning hours in Central Park as a scenic adventure!

My wish always was to jog in the Central Park. Like Madonna, like all the Big Great People, like all the people they have power and put this power in the park back!! Yes, Central Park is really one big powerfull place!! I was sometimes feeling a shine of the power when I was also jogging in Berlin, in the parks like Friedrichshain or Humbolthain, but never such a great one. Just to walk there is a big joy, to be surrended by the joggers, or by the trees, from the perfectly manifacured lawns of that iconic Central park to the majestic trees of the Upper West Side´s Riverside Park. What a challenge to jog in the Central Park, I was always thinking! And NOW I could fullfill my DREAM! My WISH! I can jog there as often as I want. I stay in the Upper West Side, near to the Columbia University. How beautiful is here! On the one hand is  Central Park and on the other is Hudson river with its track also for runners!
Forget the treadmill of the big city, it seems to me that New York with its parks and the river was build for the runners! Absolutely! To live in NYC it means you must be either a strong person either a runner, someone who never stops, just for a short sleep! Every large or mid-sized park has a well-maintained jogging trail waiting for everyone just to run it!!

So almost no one be deprived of suburban greenery, just because in New York you live in an urban jungle!

In Central Park the best of the best is the 1,58-mile track that rings Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis- Reservoir (Main entrance East 90th Str at the Metropolitan Museum).
When I run, then I take a track through the MORNINGSIDE PARK, a sweet park, sometimes rubbish on the way, or some people live in the "jungle", at any case a nice loop just for relax! (West 112st). The Morningside Park for the morning picnic or reading newspaper...
And then I run directly into Central Park, up the hill with the bikers, runners, athletes on the asphalt street, along the green sidewalks for young and old ladies and men with cats and dogs, security patrols and other moving people. You can see, how EVERYONE enjoys the move!! People sing, read and walk alone or in groups around, everyone is in luck! Even theater fans can have fun with a free William Shakespeares Adaptions for the free-style-in park. New York Classic Theater (now I saw a production about 6 people) presents William Shakespeare´s Twelfth Nigh from May 31 till June 24th, in Battery Park too. Free to the public!! How nice. Almost always when I run there I meet a group of people watching them... I was also watching them for a while, the point is that they move - they don´t play on one place. Around are rocks, small lake, small "jungle" and plain terrain... so it is very vivid!! I like it.
Interesting is, as I found out, that almost all Shakespeare´s productions are for free to the public in New York! - Just in the different places. Nobody would go the theater like in Germany to listen / watch to the old English with the old manners and poetic, even so trully real in the end.
So far. This is Central Park, well just part of it, there are many parts for different activities, each year open for recreational activities... like winter skating at the Wollman Park, visiting the Zoo, watching many weddings outside or on the weddings parties, taking pictures, reading, dating, jogging, eating in the restaurants. Good to mention is also another man-made lake: Harlem Meer, nice nice. like a "Meer" / sea....
It is very refreshing to goin Central Park in every time, to hang out with other people, readers, and also Frisbee-players. I was invited by the warm-weather-picknickers, but never for grill-parties, this is in CP forbidden.
I love that green place with lakes, runners and all the lucky people being healthy and wealthy to be here! Over 20 milion people flock to the Central Park, I can read the statistics....
This city of steel and skyscraper is a city of spectacular parks, scenic views... we can always admire, as a city main spot!  I am happy to be a runner in that wondeful park!!
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