Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Exotic Christmas on the beach Playa del Carmen....


This is my first exotic - it means in an exotic country - MEXICO - with the exotic weather - SUNSHINE, HOT, flowers and different people - this is my CHRISTMAS 2012!! 
You can see the small Xmas Tree with one star... behind the ocean... and on the Beach Playa del Carmen, alone, no tourists... I was lucky, I could spend this exotic time with the Czech people!! They found a place where we could be alone... with the xmas happy mood! - Playa del Carmen is very touristic place but this part of beach was just for us!!

Remember I told you I met them in Chichen Itza, see other post. We were so connected and well amused that the destiny just decided to keep us connected. And when I put the question where are you during Christmas to Dagmas, alias Dasa? Dasa, my Czech soulmate told me: in Tulum or Playa del Carmen... Helas, me too! And we knew we keep it going... 
I knew already that my next trip is to Tulum, and Playa del Carmen was just between Cancún and Tulum. 
All was made in heaven perfectly, thanks God! Christmas such an important time to be with close people!
I was with my family connected though online, well once I decided for this trip in Mexico I was looking for close people in this Unknown! And we found each other!  There were other mexican people, connected with us, with the Czech soul, they feel similarity with the hispanic one, btw. me too, - we were all dancing and singing the Czech Xmas Songs and eating grilled fishes from the ocean, drinking beer and having a good talk together!!   


Almost a full moon was with us...
  Happy Christmas, --how strange without a snoooow for me the MiddleEuropean!! 
PS: Additionaly I would like to show you some views on Christmas Trees in Los Angeles before I left to Mexico, on the 20th I took some pics: 

Shooping rolleys as a tree! i love this masterpiece, does it mean stop shopping!?

This is my classical winter!! Sometimes we have also so much snow like here, in my guests-house!! (

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