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Milena & Topalante on the road.
On our way in Mexico I saw many things I liked or I found unique, interesting... I catched those moments here for you, to whom who likes to remember it, who likes to discover it and to whom could never get closer to that culture.
Thanks God I could discover part of it, and thanks to Topalante, he is Spanish guy I could see more than I could discover on my own... Spanish is absolute necessary for the trip here and in Central / South America... I know a bit, well, more and more ... Here we are! Bienvenidos!

My favorite, lucky number, the number of the devil - Tarot cards is 15! So far, we were riding on the freeway 15. Mexico, the country of the hidden devil? Maybe. Sometimes. People know it, they feel the hidden devil, as I did. 15.
As known Mexican people don´t like the Americans. I like Americans in their country, also in Europe. But I met some in Mexico, and I must say, they ALL were very strange, very arrogant, very noisy, and I couldn´t believe that those are people of the USA! Hm.

Back to the devil. I have never seen so many coffins in one tracks, and there were 3 on the freeway. Completely new coffins. Burial case for the dead people killed in the battle of money, power, boredom.... I was frightened I saw that. Sorry, the quality of the pictures is bad, we were riding, I was shocked, and it was a night. The devil on the way...
Who tries to abandon the devil??
Police, army.... here with us in the train...nice guys, but it feels strange, though safe...

 These guys, the conductors, handsome!

Back to the train and look at the beauty of the nature! No more devil!

 A perfect door and a window in one!! What a view! 
 And we reached the Tropic of Cancer!! It was hot, hot, hot... you know how is it about the Tropic of cancer, why it is called like that?

I was KARATE KID!! I am still exercising!! Here you can see me over one of the canyons of Barrance de Cobre. Topalante made for me, for you this pic, I love, here just a cool pic... 

Back to harmony and disharmony of TARAHUMARA people in the four canyons: Barranca de Cobre. I find the harmony in the things they do, produce with their hands. Disharmony is about beggarly wage they get for these things, or just they are poor. They keep their tradition by living with the nature connected.

Always beautiful colours as their clothes...

Back to the bakery when I am hungry I found and I was surprised in Guadalajara.
Here more about the second mexican largest city: 

The Czech word in Mexican-Spanish for the apple pie. I love STRUDEL in MEXICO and at HOME!

What a fancy popcorn!! What an aesthetic in the eyes of the Mexicans for the sweets!

Back to the streets!! So lovely, artsy signs for the streets! I call that the sense for the aesthetics again! And the devil - DIABLO again!  

Everywhere shoecleaners!! A sence for the aesthetics again!! Nice, polished shoes is the evidence... 

I like this picture very much!! 
Who cares?? SIESTA, por favor!!

Mexicans loves sculptures!! Every city, small or big, also villages have some sculpture in it there!! This is one quite funny with the pigeons, but the gestures of the person - American Generalissimo - are funny! Was he like that, or is it the purpose of the sculpturor? ;-)

And yes, hats, sombreros, a lot of men put on these kind of hats on their hot heads!!


CACTUS!! I love them! We have apple trees, here are cactus- "trees" on the hills, in the fields, awesome, how they decorate the countryside!! -  I wrote a story about the cactus."From the Diary of the Cactus Collector", soon in English, in Cactus Press in New York. 
What a fancy sink!!

What an old sink!!
In this nice restaurant!
In one of the hotels they already were ready for the Christmas - in October!!

The nature, the Mexicans!

Oh, yeah, ECOtaxi! Absolute necessary but very unique!! There are so MANY cars without the catalysators!! Hard to smell it all the time, I was really sick of it!
Just how people live in a big city there...It looks nice, but how are the life conditions inside?
PERLE!! Mexico could be one, the country has a lot of treasures, resources, but there is a devil who doesn´t appreciate it enough....
Back to the freeway!! On the freeway with the Number 15!! 
Buen Viaje!!


                                                    HASTA LA VISTA!!!!!!! 
                                                     Milena & Topalante! /

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