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On our trip on the motorcycle from Los Angeles, through Arizona to Mexico, we stopped for a longer trip without a motorcycle at the Pacific coast to visit the famous, beautiful canyons called under one name: Barranca Del Cobre - Copper Canyon. No compare it with others canyon! This one is it in awe and wonder to the dramatic Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon.) 
It’s a series of more than 20 spectacular 

canyons that altogether 
comprise a region that’s four times larger than the Grand Canyon in Arizona and in several 
parts much deeper. 

We left the motorcycle in Los Mochis, in the hotel, to travel right up, over and through 

some of the steepest areas on the Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacifico, called CHEPE, the train 

with diesel. The whole time is was an awful smell. I was toxicated after the 10-hours ride. This train exists since about 1971. Many people travel here. The ride isn´t cheap. There are days for first -class train and for second-class-train. We went with both. The first class was a bit faster. The whole ride costs about 600-1000 pesos to Creel from Los Mochis.


The train took us- passengers - on amazing senic journey  over 650 km of impressively laid 

trails. I even didn´t notice the time!! We could look out from the open 
door as you see us happily seeing each others. 

We couldn´t believe that we are going to see such a beautiful landscape. 
I have never seen such before. 
This was my first step into the subtropical climate with such a scenery. 
I absolute continue to step further!!
 I spent almost all the time looking out from the open door. It was so sunny, warm day!! Not hot, a particularly good time to come is late September and October (after the summer rains), when the vegetation is still green. Things dry up from February to June, but you can still glimpse some wildflowers. The train pass the cliffs, bridges over the rivers, many tunels, just very onetrack-piece of Earth, what a breathtaking ride!! 

When we were driving on taxi in Los Mochis, a taxi driver told us a story about this train, at one station came in the train men on the horses inside of the train and robbed all the passangers. One man from the Switzerland filmed all this shocking incident, one of the bandits took him the camera and shooted him. Since then is a police in the train.

One of the tunels....trough the mountains.

I just spent 10 hours watching outside... it would be a shame to sit in the train... the look outside of the train was a vivid natural scenario!! 

We arrived to CREEL. A small village surprises with a atmosphere like a last DORADO of the WILD WESTERN where the most tourist stop on the way to Chihuahua. It is very easy to find a hotel. We didn´t check it before, there are some inhabitants waiting for the coming tourists. Also many inhabitans, the native Americans were trying to sell us apples, tacos etc. 

Our driver and guide in one let us ride on top of the canyons!! I was absolute breathless...
 Switchbacks down to roads and a death-defying dirt track into the awe-inspiring canyons, tracing the river to the semi-tropics below.

This is already in Barranca del Cobre!!
Stones and dry Earth. 


With our guide behind us is a famous waterfall... I forgot the name...
The bridges are there very important... they are over 20 canyons... small and big!!

Tarahumara people belong to the countryside... they are like colourful flowers in this dry, stony landscape!! Enjoy their sence for the colors!



This is the place we were San Ignacio. It was just a day of a celebration... what the procession with the many many riders, los cavallos... how fascinating! But somehow I was afraid... if something happens... so many horses...!  I am sorry, I can´t tell you detailes about this procession, I forgot all, just the impression of the horses, riders and praying people for the peace I kept in my mind. Here they are. 


 Incredible... los cavallos... coming to the the procession!! 


This is mother and daugther I walked the whole procession with... we spent a nice time together!! The daughter was so sweet and cute...!! 

This is another part of the canyon! Deep and wide landscape!! 
Huge and beautiful!
Here is the lift-train... which brings you over one canyon... una barranca with a modern technology, they must be proud of it, it is about 200 pesos a ride!! 

Another guide! 

All under me... I am like an angel to fly just further and high!! I feel it.... :-)

Can you see me??

OMG, this was really a great cliff!!

Me excersing karate over one of the canyons... I did 5 years! What a cool feeling...

We were a great group of hispanic people... and me, Czech one!! Blonde one...

We had fun! Drama.. and worries... 

 Look at the map and check out... where was this beautiful place I was talking about.... 
Like the Musician from Bremen/Germany... here the Musicians from Creel!! 

Look at the other posts here in Blog about Mexico!! Hecho En Mexico!! 

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