Tuesday, October 23, 2012



through ARIZONA...

So we - me and Topalante  - have a plan to cross a bit Mexico... let´s see how I will be strong. We ride on the motorcycle. One must be really strong, the whole body hurts, the whole body waves in the wind, the whole body is part of the adventure, direct outside with all surroundings, it is an ADVENTURE! On the MOTORCYCLE. I am already writing my Motorcycle Diary like Cheguevara did....
Me and Topalante started in Los Angeles and are on our way right now in Arizona, we just crossed the state!! The country of beautiful cactus!! Soon my story From the diary of the cactus collector will be published in the Lit.Magazine: Cactus Press in New York. Inspiration: Mexico!! Hola!! 
Hasta la vista!!

On our way through Arizona we met a man who offered his oldie classic car from the year 1928! Made before the GREAT CRASH in the USA! Here you can see us, on the way... before we make a crash! 
So cool was this old car! Shall we continue in it.... we love it, the ride was quite slow, we couldn´t go on the highway, any freeway, just aside... this would be maybe 10x slower than on motorbike, but which ADVENTURE is ahaed in it!? 
Hm, a big question??

We look exactly like the Tintin (in Congo...) almost the same one...

or stay true to the motorcycle (yamaha) and continue to Mexico like Che Guevara??

Ok, I say a slogan used by straight edge kids. You have to stay true to what you believe in no matter what. 
This is a promise, I keep to myself on my way .... on our way in America, 
I want to spread our Poets Protest Manifesto, my knowledge, skills, and inspiration to commit to a life of a writer and artist on the way to the Universe! 

(see my partner´s homepage about his travels http://topalante.es)

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