Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yes, guys this is me!!
I am a strong woman, am I not?
Whew! One must be strong to drive on the motorcycle fast and rocky... like we did! My rider, friend Topalante is an iron man, I must say!
I don´t find riding on the motorcycle so exciting, after spending almost the whole day on the back seat in the speed 150km/hour. The wind is strong and we managed 500 km a day.
Well, it is a lot for me, sitting behind the rider and watch the countryside. We passed Pennsylvania, a bit of West Virginia, Ohio, Indianopolis... alnost cornfields!! So far not so exciting... but worth to get to know the ride on the motrocycle. My friend, my rider - was also in a hurry, his aim was Alaska!! So far, he needed to be speedy! And we couldn´t enjoy so much the cornfields... 
How is it to ride on the motorcycle if you never drove fast: - It is not a quiet ride, the whole body, the head with the helmet are shivering in the strong wind.
My rider was riding mostly between 130-150 km/hour. So he promissed me to drive "slowly" safetly. Not relaxing, but we could pass fast the fields... of course we saw also some interesting corners, and yes, we saw the daily life of the Americans.... not only the rushy New Yorkers... I saw how people outside of NYC eat, live and spend their life.... almost always the same.

This was enriching. 
It was our deal to see the daily life. In Pennsylvania, a bit of West Virginia and Ohio... We stopped in Pittsburgh. Strange city, I don´t like it so much, strange architecture, city of steel, city of bridges, such a mixture of all and not clear in the expression of the city-spirit. But we met some nice people who were admiring my friend Topalante and his courage to drive, well, our courage!!
I am proud of me to ride and to make this adventure through the USA! It is exciting!
We had lovely sunny days. But after the fast ride I was quite exhausted to ride further so I stopped in Ohio, in Columbus. I said good bye to my friend... and just in the middle of the cornfield... but I was not alone!
There are also people and how nice!! I tell you in the next story... 

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