Thursday, June 13, 2013


After I was thinking about the NEW AGE... what comes after the end of the Maya's Calendar... I was feeling there will be a BIG change int he world...  LOVE must spread in our hearts... no more wars weapons, even ugly, fighting people must learn to keep peace without weapons!
Well, I was thinking... I must go there... to the peace of the nature. 
I went there where everything started: to the OCEAN.... and to the beautiful CARIBBEAN SEA! 

YUCATAN... is beautiful!! 

 Friendly to drive a boat! 

I took safe waste and go on the ocean!!

And now in Cancun... peaceful paradise of palms!


I am relaxing... meditating.

I am happy there in Merida!! 

This (sweet fat) woman sells a lot of sweets!!

TULUM *Mayas Monuments.. behind.

On the ocean... port!! Happy after the day... eating a delicious fish... fresh grilled! Hm...

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