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PART II.WHO WE ARE? WHAT DO WE DO IN THE IOWA CITY. Small But Inspirational&International.


So far, we "know each other" - we recognize and we name each other better now in the big group and we know the seize and possibilities of the city.
There are writers from the countries like Colombia, Venezuella, Argentina, Russia, Spain, Finnland, South Afrika, the Phillipines, Burma, Vietnam, South Korea, Nepal, China, Singapore, Haiti, France, Senegal, Israel, Pakistan, Palestina, Jordan, Australia, Ireland, U.K. and who else did I forget?
We are really from the whole world - 37 participants. We introduced each other in the group the second day and then officially at an event for the Iowan´s representives. A nice evening with a smalltalk, some nice food and drinks... good to know people here! What I really like is that people are open to come and talk to you... There is no fear for spontaneious behaviour - they just come and speak with strange people if they like them - people show here " I like you" - that´s why we like Facebook and it comes from the USA! :: I can hardly imagine that I feel or hear "I like" in Germany :-( there is no spontaneity! I wish there were! 
I think we are really a great international group, we fit well together.
What do we do here all the time?
We live/stay in different houses&hostels.
We have a breakfast every morning in the breakfast room, it´s not duty to go there, but there we have a breakfast - tea&coffee, sandwiches to make and we talk together...
Then we go to our rooms... we have had mostly a full program.We follow the schedule of our weekly program... but slowly we have some time to write, to refind our writing routine!! That makes us happy... to feel already well connected with our creative soul. To create again...slowly... well, we are here one week!
And we have already met: the law!
Meanwhile we had a discussion or a "lecture" with a bank service, we have an own bank account!
AND an attorney made for us the American laws clear: with an open mounth we were listening and wondering what we cannot do: never go across the street where ever you want - like in the most part of EUROPE we walk across without any thinking - here you must go to the end of the street and go across just where the crossroad is: in other case it calls JAY"JAIL"WALKING - you can end up in a "jail" - the sentence is 75 dollar.
No smoking in the streets & hotel rooms, nowhere in the public - just at the crossroads - why there?? Well, I dont smoke - I neednt to care, hurrai!  No marrihuana!!! tooo bad for the rest of life!! Don´t take any risk!! No alcohol outside... no drunk people should be seen outside, one drunk must walk properly...  How surprised and scared we left the room... In Germany there is ORDNUNG - rules but this is a different Ordnung - one biting strict Ordnung - no freedom, kids! How free we live in Germany/ Europe!
OKAY there is no way to break to rules... to bad for the life. So we are obedient ::: (Like my Servant (from my novel))
And after all, we go out and relax nicely together every evening ::: we must get to know each other properly, we have a limited time for each other and that we are HERE together it means that is a DESTINY :::
We are every evening out - in our favorite bar - FOXHEAD!! You can find us there! Its called BAR FOR WRITERS: HERE WE ARE! In the beginning we thought how difficult it will be to find each other without cell phones but now we know there is always this bar where we end up.

 We in the FOXHEAD.
The jukebox on Foxhead!



We are all known as writers here, we are welcome and happy to be here. I have realized that EVERYBODY has here to do with writing, everybody holds in the fingers the keybord & pen :-)
AND what else? 2nd September - GREAT DAY! At that day I had really a beautiful, wonderful time with others!! I was so happy. Joel M. Toledo, the poet from the Phillipines and me, had together a READING.
It was taking part in Shambaugh House, its a bulding, where we meet for every event, occasion when necessary, there are also some workshops.
The reading started Joel with his 15 inner profound poems. I was reading from my novel: "Nennen Sie mich Diener" In English: Please call me Servant (Excerpt translated by Steph Morris you can find here - next to my name:
Here you can also see the BOOK TRAILER, well in German - the Servant is about to prove his rules:
From the booktrailer - this is my "Servant"  - the actor Karl Hemeyer and my dog Barnie...
First I was reading a part in German, then in English. All enjoyed the German part too, as they told me then...  
After the reading, with a bit feary feelings - what the others say - the others 35 participants of 30 nations!! But all came to me and expressed how they liked it!! Such a great appreciation I havent got yet - in Germany...--- it seems to me in Germany people/ institutions don´t understand my novel at all. Hmmm. Well, finally I was feeling to be really the writer!! :-)
What is more important for the writer than appreciation from the audience & readers?! Just that AND to sell books, to live from it... to live! Not only to survive...  I hope for the better times!
And I was happy you liked my T-Short!! Please order how many you will, I would be VERY PLEASED - just let me know - how many!!
(T-Short-Size&Colour&Pieces - Prize is like 20-25 dollars-it depends how much is the mailing -lets see!!)
IOWA CITY IS GREAT - small but inspirative!!
CHEERS! Best from the sunny IOWACITY!
Its September 4th. a cold INDIAN SUMMER -- but still ahaed with the sun.

The T-Short order please by me or by PINK GORILLA BERLIN:

My books in German published 2011:::
Novel: "Nennen Sie mich Diener". Verlag Schumachergebler, Dresden, 2011
Prose: "Ferenc. Die Liebeserklärung an die Schuhe." Verlag Verzone, Prague 2011 (in German&Czech language)

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